Juzz For Cars - RaceChip Chip Tuning


[Promo now on till August 2019!]

Discerning car owners will know that chip tuning is key to performance upgrade. And the difference is amazing when you use the latest from renowned brand RaceChip!

Here are the reasons why RaceChip is your BEST CHOICE!

  • More power, greater torque, superb mid-range punch, stronger acceleration and quicker responses: You’ll love the new characteristics RaceChip chip tuning will give your car.
  • Access your car’s power reserves: RaceChip tuning optimises intelligently within your engine’s design limits.
  • Doesn’t splice any wires to maintain your vehicle’s warranty.
  • Comes in plug and play connectors for easy installation.

Check out these unbeatable prices!

  • GTS black with app
  • GTS black no app
  • GTS with app
  • GTS no app
  • XLR with app

Seeking a way to enhance your car’s performance? Send us a message or call us at 6736 0303 today and let us assist!

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