Getting to the bottom of these car sounds

Getting to the bottom of these car sounds

When it comes to car noises, ignorance isn’t bliss! Funny sounds are signs of car troubles; get them treated before the problem worsens!


Squealing Noises

Hearing squealing noises every time you hit the brakes? It could be time to replace them! Don’t ignore it as it could escalate into a safety issue!

Scraping Noises

This tends to arise from worn-down wipers and that’s not a good thing! Leaving it alone could result in a scratched windshield which will be costly to replace!

Clunking Noises

If this happens while you’re driving, it might be a bad shock absorber or worn bushings, which could affect handling, steering, and braking and other safety issues. Get it checked out!

Ticking Noises

If you hear this when your car is idle, it could mean that you’re low on oil or your engine oil is due for change. Get an oil change as soon as you can!

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