How To Drive Better

How To Drive Better

Did you know that your driving habits might actually be damaging your car? While many car issues can be attributed to the age of the vehicle, you can avoid these driving mistakes to prolong the longevity of your precious ride.

Driving On Empty:

When you run out of petrol, the fuel pump can suck in dirt which can clog it up, and lead to forking out for an expensive replacement.

Ignoring The Signs:

Notice blinking lights or hear strange noises? You might choose to ignore these signs to avoid bringing your car in for a check – but further delay might just result in higher repair costs.

Fast And Furious:

Tailgating and sudden stop-braking are bad driving habits. 1) Because they are extremely unsafe, and 2) because you’ll be accelerating wear and tear on your car’s brakes.

Bump Ahead:

The speed bump is meant to slow you down. In not doing so, you could be causing damage to your car’s suspension, tyres, exhaust and other vital parts.

Are you making any of these bad driving habits? Time to get rid of them!

Regular car servicing is a recommended way to keep your car in tip-top condition; not to mention how it can deliver a great driving experience. Find out more about our car servicing promotions here.


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