How can I prevent my car from overheating?

How can I prevent my car from overheating?

You may enjoy the sunny weather but unfortunately, the heat is not so great for your car health. High temperatures can lead to the engine running too hot, which can damage your car and result in costly issues.

CHECK your battery!

High temperatures can cause faster evaporation of fluid and reduce the lifespan of your car battery. Overheating of the battery can also lead to corrosive damage to your car!

CHECK your coolant systems!

Planning that family road trip in the upcoming holidays? Get your coolant and radiator checked out by an expert and maybe consider an oil change. When something goes wrong in the cooling system, all engine components will run at a temperature that’s too high. That could lead to melting or warping of some parts, resulting in costly repair.

CHECK your tyres!

Increased friction combined with high temperatures can increase the chances of a blown-out tyre. Maintaining correct pressure in your tyres is an important step you shouldn’t miss out.

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