The 6th generation of the BMW 5 Series has been the most successful 5 Series being built to date. The car looks quite traditional on the outside that looks like the BMWesque design.

The F10-generation 5 Series has its fair review from its beginning. It has been revered for its good design, excellent interior construction and impressive technology. The ride quality is of top quality as well. Although some said that it’s a bit too heavy, which makes the 5 Series lovers feel the lack of driving dynamics.

The F10 and BMW F01 7 Series share a platform that is being described as a downsized-7 Series when compared to the E60 predecessor, which was thought of as the upsize of the 3 Series.

Although the F10 5 Series is not the most sexy and interesting one, the car feels quite well built with a luxury feel that is of top quality.

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